Lactation Consultant - Washington, DC Breastfeeding Support


Dr. McCuiston is an internationally board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and provides a variety of breastfeeding support. She is here to help mothers with a variety of issues surrounding breastfeeding, including difficult latching, painful nursing, low milk production, inadequate weight gain, return to work, weaning and pumping. She can also help with your questions around breastfeeding equipment (such as breast pumps) and additional supplies that might be helpful to you as a nursing mother. We also offer prenatal lactation consultations for families interested in learning about what they might expect once the baby arrives. 

Contact your insurance company and ask if they provide the standard 6 lactation consultations and let us know at or before your first visit so that we can schedule appointments correctly.

The links below are good resources for mothers who are expecting and would like information on breastfeeding