Covid-19 Protocol

There has been a recent rise in COVID-19 cases and we are making adjustments in the way we manage patient care. Our primary goal is to keep patients, families and staff safe and healthy.  We appreciate your flexibility and ask that you check the website frequently for any changes or updates to the protocols. We will be scheduling virtual visits as often as possible, if and when the clinical situation is appropriate. We understand that these visits are convenient, but there will be times that in office visits are necessary. All families will continue to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire for office visits.

If the COVID questionnaire is not completed, this may delay patient care. Sick patients will be asked to call the office upon arrival to the 2nd floor and will be called when their room is ready. They will receive a call from the office advising them to proceed to Suite 218 and go directly to their assigned color. IF you need to use the restroom we will provide you with a key to use the restroom down the hall, outside of the office.

Patients who require COVID testing:

  • If your child is exposed to COVID-19 and has no symptoms, we will perform a PCR test at least 4 days after the exposure.
  • If your child is exposed and has symptoms of COVID-19, a Rapid and PCR test should be performed at the onset of any symptoms.
  • If your child needs a return to school/daycare note or requires a test prior to travel we will perform a PCR test and a note will be provided after a negative result is received.

We strongly encourage you to sign up for Privia’s patient portal and download the app. Results and notes will be provided via the Patient Portal as soon as they are reviewed by the provider.

Parents of Newborns:

  • If one parent tests positive during the hospital screening, a vaccinated partner/friend/family member can bring the baby to their first appointment. A vaccination card will be required.
  • If  parents are unvaccinated and a vaccinated friend/family is not available, a virtual visit will be scheduled for the first visit and the 2 week visit (at least 14 days after the positive test) will be in the office.